Executive Dashboard

Get a bird's eye view of your company from a central dashboard. Our simple design hides the complexity behind the scene so you can focus on what matters.


Location tracking

Track your assets easily on the map in real-time. See which routes they are taking, which service areas are mostly traveled, and much more.


Anytime anywhere

Access your dashboard from anywhere using any device, whether it is you iPhone, Android phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer.


Be proactive, not reactive

With a single utilization number, have a holistic view of your business. Don't wait weeks to find out if your company's resources are not utilized, find out within hours.


Combine your operational data, business model and financial records in one dashboard, and see how your business performs in real-time.

Easily integrate your business

Our dashboards works around your existing system so you do not have to change a thing.

Integrating financial data

We can connect to your accounting software such as Sage or Quickbooks, and integrate financial data into your dashboard in a meaningful way.

Reporting made super simple

With drag and drop reporting functionality, create stunning looking reports with very few clicks.

Access your dashboard from anywhere

Use our iOS or Anroid app to access your dashboard on the iPhone, iPad or Android.

Access your dashboard online

No software to download. Use any computer with an access to internet and view your dashboard online.

Drill down to details

Review company utilization, revenue, operational hours daily, monthly, or annually.

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